Notes on handling of cellulose films

Conditions for handling cellulose films at storage, transportation, and processing


When cellulose films are stored, transported, or processed, temperature, humidity, pressure, and the like will affect the quality of the cellulose films. So, it is recommended to use them according to the following items.

1. Temperature and humidity

The optimal conditions for storing cellulose films are a temperature of about 20℃ and a relative humidity of about 55%.
In addition, when using cellulose films in winter, it is desirable to use them after leaving them for 24 hours or more, without unpacking them, in a room where temperature and humidity are controlled appropriately.

2. Avoid direct rays of the sun.

3. Avoid putting the product on a floor directly. Stack it on the shelf.

4. Avoid applying extreme load to the product during its storage.
Avoid stacking the product if possible. Avoid stacking the product horizontally, which would cause deformation.

5. Do not unpack the product until just before its use.
(The remaining product after use should be stored by repacking it with a film having high moisture resistance, such as an aluminum evaporation film.)

6. The ideal storage period is 60 days or less.

7. During film handling, be careful not to crack film edges and not to scratch films.
The cellulose films are influenced by environmental moisture. So, especially, take sufficient care about condition 5.