About Us

Futamura USA, Inc. is located in NY, USA and distributes a wide range of quality MEATLONN Fibrous, and Plastic food casings throughout the world. Our long-selling MEATLONN fibrous casings have high reputations for high quality by our customers with strength and reliable size consistency. Our casings can be supplied in the form of shirred, cut pieces in requested length, in bundles as well as on reel.

Furthermore, we could handle other chemical products from Japan such as cellulose film and activated carbon filter.

Our parent company, Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd., is located in Japan and was established in 1950 to manufacture activated carbon. We have expanded the range of businesses into cellulose, plastic films, phenol laminated sheets and saccharification.

Plastic films for food packaging, now representing our core business are indispensable materials being used to deliver foods to consumers without contaminants and loss where severer quality control of products is required as consumers are becoming more safety-conscious about food.

Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd., as a leading manufacturer of plastic films, follows strict hygienic safety standards and practices. It is our mission to commit ourselves to stable supply of products with consistent quality in which our clients have trust.

Our activated carbon products, which have a long business history since the foundation of our company, have been used in various fields such as water treatment, industrial use, household products, etc. Recently, tapping into our production technology and characteristics of activated carbon, we have been proactively promoting new applications of it such as filters, medicines, solid acid catalyst, molecular sieving carbon, etc.

Focusing on the properties of those natural materials of cellulose and starch, we have been successful in putting on the market specially processed starch suitable for converting it into film and encapsulation leveraging its functions.

As stated above, our business has expanded into various fields. We would like to contribute to society by broadly providing our products to customers.


Corporate name

Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd.


April 1, 1947


October 25, 1950

Capital stock

500 million yen

Business activities

- Production
Polypropylene film
Polyester film
Cellulose film
Nonwoven fabric
Fibrous casing
Activated carbon
Phenolic Laminated Sheets


68,000 million yen (fiscal year 2013)


1,289 employees (end of March 2014)

Head office

2-29-16, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, 450-0002, Japan